September 25: Library Lineages

Ajay Suresh, Brooklyn Public Library, via Wikimedia

FIELD TRIP: Brooklyn Public Library with David Giles, Chief Strategy Officer. We’ll meet in the lobby of the Central Library (10 Grand Army Plaza), in front of the Info Commons, at 4pm. Please be on time — if not early — since we’ll be heading to a secure staff area shortly after our arrival! We’ll talk about library strategy with David, then tour the Brooklyn Collection and the “decks” with Diana Bowers-Smith.

READINGS [here’s a summary handout]

Consider the material concerns (and opportunities) of other institutions:

  • Noah Arjomand, “The Struggle for Kabul’s Libraries,” Public Culture 26:3 (2014): 378-92.
  • Skim Matthew Battles & Jeffrey Schnapp, “Scenarios” in The Library Beyond the Book (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2014): 55-119.
Libraries Without Borders’ Ideas Box, via LWB


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