September 12: Archaeologies of the Archive

Scanning @ National Archives, 1961
The Municipal Archive, via NYC Dept of Records

FIELD TRIP: New York City Municipal Archives, w/ Marcia Kirk, Archives and Research Associate, NYC Department of Records and Information Services

  • Meet at 4:00 at 31 Chambers @ Centre St. Take 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge. Please bring picture ID.


Reading Summary Handout 

To provide some context for our field trip:  

Some canonical archival theory, and some insight into how archives work:



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ON ARCHIVAL LABOR: Hillel Arnold, “Critical Work: Archivists as Maintainers,” Hillel Arnold (August 2, 2016); Michelle Caswell, “’The Archive is not an Archives’: Acknowledging the Intellectual Contributions of Archival Studies,” Reconstruction 16:1 (2016); Eira Tansey, “Archives Without Archivists,” Reconstruction 16:1 (2016) [on archival labor + processing].

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